Westaff New Orleans   111 Veterans Memorial Blvd 720 Metairie,LA70005   (504) 832-7237
Westaff New Orleans
111 Veterans Memorial Blvd 720
MetairieLA 70005
 (504) 832-7237
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An Outstanding Temp Agency in New Orleans, Louisiana 

Westaff is an experienced, quality temporary staffing agency in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our employment agency has over 60 years of experience in finding the correct employee for the perfect job.  If you represent a company looking to fill a critical opening , we have the tools to get you there.  We take the time to get to know our clients, allowing our staffing agency to match qualified workers to prime positions. 

Companies can rely on the deliberate recruiting of potential workers and careful screening of applicants by our staffing service to give you a pool of qualified, capable potential employees to choose from.

We also offer flexible staffing with jobs available in clerical, office administration, data entry, warehouse, logistics, manufacturing, IT staffing, light industrial staffing, employee screening careers and much more.  Also, ask us for more details about our special event staffing!

Westaff -- Providing Essential People

Call us at (504) 832-7237 and start your job search today.

We are located at 111 Veterans Memorial Blvd, 720, Metairie, LA.

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